Rampart is a mini-modular synth and experimental box built around the Arduino Nano or the slightly faster and better equipped LGT8F328P – LQFP32.


The kit can be purchased for 56 Euros and the completed build for 90 Euros. See below for the kit contents.

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More rampart videos & audio

Rampart is designed to allow you to build synths that can be controlled with CV input or produce CV. It has audio/clk input and output, the input being pocket operator compatible. The kit includes a lgt8f328p which has slightly better features than the original Arduino Nano.

I’ve been making the original variant for years as a means to creating small synths to interact with other small synths like bastl’s Kastle. And of course, my own Keep.

The kit includes:

  • lgt8f328p compatible with the Arduino Nano
  • 3 pots, adc
  • 1 encoder w/button
  • 1 analog filter/volume pot
  • 5 Pot Knobs
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 LED
  • tactile switch w/LED
  • CV inputs (analog)
  • header for a SSD1306 display
  • audio/clock in, pocket operator compatible
  • audio out(wired stereo for headphones)
  • Custom female headers - 2 pins - 10 pins
  • four rubber feet to bolt on, most important
  • 12 mini jumper cables of various lengths and color (no pictured but included)



  • Several Mozzi based synths, always WIP. FM, Wavepacket and PD resonant voices.
  • A bytebeat synth with CV inputs and more than 60 formulas.
  • A number of other non-mozzi synth examples.

Open Hardware/ Software Sources includes several versions as fritzing files, and a folder of different firmware, mozzi and timer PWM driven.