rampart abuse (and use)

An initial guide to Rampart, mainly bytebeats

Since rampart is more platform than any given instrument, this overview tries to cover ground that isnt’ just relevant to the bytebeats sketch.

Connections overview

parts overview

  1. audio (right channel) & clock (left) input. Pocket-operator can be directly connected .Clock comes out at 4 (tx) and can be plugged into 10 (inputs 3, 6 or 7).

  2. digital input/outputs. For bytebeats, 11 needs to be wired to 9 (second from left to 4th from left). That’s the only necessary change to get sound :)

audio out for bytebeats

  1. touch output (from 13). Can be used on the digital pins, (11!) or 3,6 or 7 (at 10).

  2. two pins rx and tx (receive and transmit) The clock signal from 1 goes to tx on the right pin at 4. Bytebeats connect to 3,6 or 7 to modulate a b & c (in addition to the pots a b & c)

  3. encoder / button: a) turning will increase or decrease the frequency, starting on boot at 8000 HZ, steps of 64 HZ. b) Push and hold down and turn left, play backwards at increasing frequency; turn right and forwards increasing frequency (doubling). c) single click: bank 1 of formulas, double click: bank 2, triple click :bank 3

  4. volume/filter it’s advisable to start bytebeats with this at 12 o’clock to avoid harsher high end. Will also mix the relative loudness of input from 1 vs. the ramparts internal audio.

  1. usb power/programming and 8 reset button, if rampart should hang which happens rarely, but can at higher frequencies

  2. Two analog inputs (4&5) and + /- power. Not directly used in the bytebeats sketch

  3. analog inputs 3, 6 and 7 (rows 2x3, 2x6, 2x7) used to modify bytebeats params a/b/c in addition to the pots labeled a b & c at the bottom.

  4. +/- power columns which aren’t used for the bytebeats sketch, but one can, for instance put a capacitor from + to inputs at 10 to create a contral voltage. Very fun with a 1uf Elko.

  1. +/ - sides of the audio output. You can plug in additional signals or tap the output

  2. Touch button with LED, see 3

15/16. Left & Right buttons select previous and next program of bank

Bottom right, barely visible is the audio out. You can plug-in headphones, but turn down 6, vol. First. If you plug in stereo audio to the input, it will feed through but moving the encoder or pushing buttons will make noises. A PO or Scarp signal will be clean (split clock).