To order, simply send me an email to tonetoys@poetaster.de stating which kit(s) you would like.

For shipping, please include:

  1. Kit name and quantity
  2. Your name & mailing address
  3. The payment method (bank transfer, for Paypal add a 3.5% fee)

If you’ve selected to use paypal, I can usally ship same day since the money is just there.


Fully assembled versions of our products are covered by warranty for one year following the date of purchase.

This warranty covers any defect in the manufacturing of the product, such as assembly errors or faulty components.

This warranty does not cover any damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use, such as, but not limited to, power cables connected backwards, excessive voltage levels, or exposure to extreme temperature or moisture levels.

The cost of returning a product for repair or replacement is paid for by the customer.

DIY kits and bare printed circuit boards are not covered under any warranty and come with no guarantee. We will do our best to support you in the forums or by email.


Germany: 5.49€ (with tracking 2.20, without) | EU 1: 11.99€ (no tracking) | EU/World 2: 16.99€ | Rest: 19.99€ (no tracking)

These rates will cover up to four devices per shipment.

If you wish, we can use tracking and insurance (up to 500 Euro):

Germany: 6.99€ | EU 1: 19.49€ | EU/World 2: 29.99€ | Rest: 50.00€

Damages caused by shipping are NOT covered under warranty. If you wish to have insurace, see above.

Lost packages are replaced if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • No new tracking updates in more than two months.

Packages are NOT considered lost if one or more of the following cases occur:

  • Wrong address provided by customer.
  • Tracking shows package marked as “Delivered”.

Unclaimed or returned packages are sent back to customers.

Transit Time

Shipping usually takes between 3 to 10 business days to the European Union and between 5 to 25 business days to the rest of the world.

All kits will be shipped without batteries. keep ships with a battery adaptor (9volt -> barrel jack).

Special arrangements can be made for workshops or other cases where greater numbers of kits are required.

Under article § 19 UStG, Kleinunternehmerregelung of German federal tax regulation, I am exempt from levying value added tax.