Moat (& sharks!)

Moat is a revival of the predeccsor of Keep :) So, another anti-sequencing, sequencing synth.

I had changed names and thought about the relationship to bastl’ instruments kastle. But got a bit stuck ….

Well, after discovering Gijs Analog HD, I finally found a way to revive the moat.

moat anti sequencer-synth

audio examples

Some funk, with keep:

A demonstration of a simple bass line, moving the shape from somewhat dirty triangle to clean and back again. Shows that modulation can be heard if moving slower or not if moving faster.

This is an example where the moat (the shark variant!) is ONLY being modulated by bastl’s Kastle. You can hear that the moat shark has a builtin delay ;)

Here the moat and keep together, moat playing bass, more or less.

some videos!

This video is from directly after building the first Moat. Playing with Analog HD as a companion.

Among the upcycle features (!?!) are the transistors, manufactured in East Germany (Volkseigenerbetrieb something something) in 1987.

The following videos are with keep and both sequencing cross/wise.

Moat can be purchased built from me for 200 euros. Kits are 74 euro, including a hard disk, but are NOT currently available.

You can just pick up the sources and do it yourself from the fritzing files at Moat github

Finally, a sneak preview of the Moatshark (lazrarcade!).

This is an example where the moat shark is ONLY being modulated by bastl’s Kastle.